Lansing to Limit Use of Fireworks

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"It's constantly pop, pop, pop," said Alejandro Arambula. Even now, he is still being woken up by his neighbors' fireworks. "Some kids will come out, light them up ... throw them in our neighbors' yards and run off; just to scare us."

It's more than a problem just on Stabler street where Arambula lives. Lansing City Council Woman Carol Wood has received dozens of noise complaints.

"One woman that came to our committee said she had to disconnect her doorbell because her next door neighbor was setting off fireworks so often, that it actually vibrated and caused her doorbell to go off."

Lansing will follow many other cities in the state making similar ordinances; making it so if anyone is caught lighting them up any other time than the days before, after, or on national holidays, they will get a visit from police.

"There could be warnings issued, and the possibility of a ticket ... I don't know anyone who isn't supportive of this."

Including the only company Wood though would be opposed: Big Fireworks, one of the country's biggest suppliers headquartered in Lansing. "We're all for the safe, courteous, and conscientious use of our product," said company CFO Ben Bakken.

Even though this could hurt sales: "We're supportive of the things this ordinance is intended to do."

In the meantime, Arambula and his family will continue trying to become deeper sleepers.

Here's a list of the days considered National Holidays:

-New Year's Day
-Martin Luther King Jr. Day
-George Washington's Birthday
-Memorial Day
-Independence Day
-Labor Day
-Columbus Day
-Veteran's Day

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