Lansing to Announce Plans to Move Police into Hill Center

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Lansing will announce plans to move part of the Lansing Police Department's operations in the Hill Center at a press conference Tuesday morning. Mayor Virg Bernero, Chief Mike Yankowski, Lansing Schools Superintendent Yvonne Camaal Canul and city council president A'Lynn Boles will be in attendance.

LPD needs more room than is available at the north precinct building and the school district has extra room at the Hill Center. In February, the city mentioned the possibility of spending up to $1 million to renovate the parking lot and the inside of the building. School board president Peter Spadafore told on February 21 the district was in favor of the plan because it would free up money for other maintenance work.

A city council member told Monday this isn't a done deal because the council still has to approve the funding. Check back with News 10 and Tuesday for more details on the moving plans.

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