Lansing Woman in Critical Condition after Firework Malfuntion

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LANSING (WILX)-- A Lansing woman is in critical condition after a firework exploded in her face late Thursday night.

Edgrekia Blackmon was participating in 4th of July day celebrations when one of the fireworks malfunctioned, hitting her in the face and upper torso.

The fire department is calling it an unfortunate accident, because she was following all the warnings. The firework Blackmon was trying to light is called 'Do or Die." It's a 25 shot-strobe firework, and it all ignited at the same time.

Suffering from serious injuries Blackmon was first taken to Sparrow Hospital and was later transferred to Grand Rapids later Friday morning. Her family's worried that she might not make it.

"They don't know if she is going to live or die," said Step-Mom Cassandra Dabner.

Her cousin Dennis Patrick witnessed the accident, and says it took a few seconds for them to realize what happened.

"We were out here having a blast, it was just family. She bent down to light the fuse and it exploded in her face. She then fell back, her Detroit Pistons jersey was on fire, and she put herself out."

Blackmon's family says she was having surgery on her face Friday morning. They've been told it's likely she'll never see again.

The Lansing Fire Department was first to the scene at 11:55 pm . They found Blackmon lying in the middle of the street, still conscious, next to the firework that had misfired. Investigators are calling it a unfortunate accident.

"She lit it correctly. She had it in a clear area, she was standing to the side of the device, and something went horribly wrong," said Steve Babcock with the Lansing Fire Department.

Dabner says the 4th of July was Blackmons favorite holiday, and now it's one they'll likely never forget.

"God knows I'm praying for her. I never thought something like this would happen to anyone in my family, never."

We'll be in contact with the family and continue to update you on Blackmon's condition.