UPDATE: Firework Malfunction Seriously Injures Lansing Woman

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LANSING (WILX)-- Thursday night, around 11:55 pm, Lansing Fire Department responded to an injured woman on the 4100 block of Ingham Street.

When they arrived crews found a female, in her twenties, lying in the middle of the street with injuries to her upper body and face due to a malfunction of a fireworks that ignited suddenly as she tried to light it.

The device was on the ground and she was standing off to the side of the device, however, in spite of these precautions the device suddenly and violently ignited causing her significant injuries.

She was treated and transported to an area hospital, by Lansing Fire Department Paramedics.

The Lansing Fire Marshall’s Division investigated the incident and found that it was an unfortunate accident.

These devices, even though legal, are very dangerous and unpredictable and are able to create a tremendous amount of heat with temperatures approaching 1,000 degrees or more.

We will have the full story tonight at 6pm.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LANSING (WILX)-- A Lansing woman in her mid-20s was hit by malfunctioned firework Thursday.

Lansing Fire Department said she suffered facial and upper body injuries after attempting to light a firework in the middle of a street.

She was taken to a local hospital where she was last listed in critical condition.

Officer Steve Babcock said the woman was doing everything correctly, and had been standing to the side of the firework when it malfunctioned.

The exact location and time of the accident was not immediately available. We will let you know when more information about the incident becomes available.

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