Fire Department Looking for Help

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The Lansing township fire trucks are ready for retirement.

"Our apparatus right now is all in good repair and good working order, but we need to start a program to replace the vehicles we have," said Chief Richard Curry of the Lansing Township Fire Department.

Most of the engines in Lansing township are more than 20 years old.

The Fire Protection Administration says fire trucks should be retired after 25 years.

And the chief says he's been spending more money repairing them then he wants to.

"When you look at dollars well spent, we're gonna be better off to start a program to replace the fleet we have," Curry said.

Lansing township's oldest fire truck was made in 1986, and it's still in use today. The fire chief says he's not sure how long trucks like these are going to last.

So he's doing something about it.

He went to the Lansing Township Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday to ask for a millage to fund the department.

Township Supervisor Kathy Rodgers says that at $600,000 each the township can't afford to buy a new fire truck right now.

And since the millage proposal date for the November election has already passed, she doesn't think they'll be getting a new one anytime soon.

For now, Chief Curry will have to wait, and hope the township can find some funding.