Lansing Shooting Leaves Unanswered Questions

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At least ten police cars descended on the Stonecrest neighborhood in south Lansing, but an on-scene investigation turned up little.

Police say they have no suspects and no one in custody following a shooting that left only a bullet hole and broken glass as evidence. No one was killed or injured.

Witnesses say it happened suddenly, at around noon Friday. Residents say they saw a car drive down a back alley before a man opened fire without exiting the vehicle.

"I was sitting on the back porch having a cup of tea and I heard eight gunshots go off," said Gary Muehlbauer, a resident of the neighborhood. "A few seconds later, I called 9-1-1 and I heard eight more go off."

Estimates of the number of shots fired ranged from five to 25. The incident frightened many residents because of the number of young children in the area.

"I just heard five gunshots, and then another two gunshots, and then people yelling get inside," said a resident named Tasha, who would not give her last name. "I had my baby cousin, she's two, we were peeping our head outside the window, I was getting ready to take her outside and people were like, get back inside! So I grabbed her and brought her back inside."

Police combed the area for more than an hour before dispersing. Officer Robert Merritt says his department has received little cooperation from neighbors, making it difficult to proceed with an investigation.

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