Lansing School District Wrongfully Tickets Father for Truancy

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Chris McLain says his daughter Alexandra wasn't doing well at Pattengill Middle School last year: "They never called me once to let me know how her grades were."

So the two came up with a plan; she would attend Eaton Rapids Virtual Schools, so he could keep a closer eye on her studies. He says he filled out all the paperwork for the transfer, and even had her new school administrators write an email to the Lansing School District.

He's still upset about the phone call he got from Lansing'
s truancy officer a couple weeks ago: "She said, I'm going to seek a warrant for your arrest."

Even after he told her that Alexandra had been going to a different school: "I called her boss, and left a message that explained to him that Alexandra is going to school through Eaton Rapids schools ... never received a call back."

Instead, his family was paid an un-welcome visit two days later. The truancy officer came up to his door, gave him a ticket and a notice for a court hearing.

Chris and Alexandra attended the hearing where the judge ruled in their favor; saying the truancy officer should have never written the ticket in the first place. The officer's argument was, she assumed Alexandra wasn't coming to school, since she didn't have a good attendance record last year.

We made several attempts to talk to someone in the Lansing School district about this, but no one returned our calls. If we hear back, we'll let you know their take on the incident.

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