Lansing School Board Evaluates Superintendent

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Lansing's superintendent, is well, super, according to the Board of Education.

"She scored very well," Lansing School Board President Myra Ford said. "She scored either effective or highly effective in every category and overall, the total of all the evaluations was highly effective."

The board graded Yvonne Caamal Canul in seven categories, including community and staff relations, business and finance, and her best score, educational leadership. With her high marks, it's no surprise the board voted unanimously to begin negotiations for a 2-year extension of her contract.

"It was a no brainer," Lansing School Board member Peter Spadafore said. "We found what we're looking for in a superintendent, and to go ahead and authorize the president to negotiate an extension of her contract. I think we're in good hands. It doesn't make sense to change leadership in the middle of this huge transition period."

It's been a transition period that had parents worried, but many feel it was handled well, thanks in part to the superintendent's communication.

"The letters that she writes, she writes them in a manner that she really seems to be talking with everyone in the school district on a personal level, not talking down to them or talking to them," said Mike Ellsworth, a father of Lansing District students. "It's really refreshing to see."

But Caamal-Canul isn't off the hook yet, the board said there's always room for improvement.

"We're always looking for test scores to go up, but she's only one person, and that's a comprehensive effort," Spadafore said. "I think the professional development she's implementing, the top to bottom change in attitude across the district - really beneficial. And all of that will come in time."

This was the first of two evaluations for the superintendent. Ford said the one in the spring is "what really counts."

The board will have more time to consider categories that weren't included in this first evaluation, like student attendance and student achievement.

"If she's getting the job done for the students...that will be the focus moving forward this year," Ford said.

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