Lansing Raising Money for New Gun Buyback Program

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LANSING - Lansing is initiating a second gun buyback program in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Tuesday Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero's office issued a call to the community to make donations. In a written statement to News 10 Mayor Bernero and Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski asked citizens and businesses to donate funds. They say the program requires a minimum of $10,000, and will be funded only through community donations.

The program will provide a $100 gift card for each operable handgun and $200 for each semi-automatic "assault" rifle turned in at the collection point. Firearms will be accepted "no questions asked" to allow individuals to anonymously turn in firearms without fear of being charged with illegal possession of an unregistered firearm.

"Our gun buy-back initiative will get guns off the street, out of houses and cars, and will save lives and help keep our community safe, especially our young people," said Mayor Bernero. "The goal of this program is to reduce and prevent gun violence and to create community dialog as it relates to gun violence."

A gun buyback program conducted in Lansing earlier this year resulted in 100 guns being turned in to police. When and where the buyback will take place will be released at a later date.

Those who want to donate are asked to send a check payable to the Lansing Police Department and note in the memo section of the check "Gun Buy-Back Program".
The tax deductible donations are to be mailed to:
"Gun Buy-Back Program"
Lansing Police Department
120 West Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933