Lansing Teens and Families Protest Israeli Action In Gaza

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Nearly a hundred people rallied outside the Michigan capitol building Wednesday, calling on Israel to end its military action in Gaza.

Their signs read "It's About Humanity" and "Save Palestine."

"I wanted to fight for them in a way where we spoke the truth," said Haneen Hammad, the fifteen year old organizer of the protest.

She took action when she heard Israel launched a ground assault into Gaza last week.

"We were watching videos of the Palestinian people and how much they were suffering," Hammad said. "And we just wanted to do something."

She has family in Palestine that she fears are in danger, so she took to the streets to protest.

Hammad says she was inspired by the protest that drew thousands to Chicago on Sunday. And she wants to bring that same awareness to Lansing.

Protesters read the names of Palestinian children who reportedly died in the cross fire of Hamas firing rockets into Israel, and Israel launching air strikes into Gaza.

Those at Wednesday's rally say Israel is indiscriminately killing Palestinians.

"They're not enemy combatants, they're not terrorists, these are innocent people that are being killed," said Farhan Bhatti of the Islamic Center for Greater Lansing. "And that's what we wanna draw attention to."

News 10 reached out to the Jewish center at MSU for a response to the protest, and the assistant director told us the center has no comment.

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