Lansing Police To Announce Major Changes

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Police officer shift changes, new sector based enforcement and dedicated officers to high crime neighborhoods are among the items Lansing Chief of Police Mike Yankowski is expected to announce Friday afternoon. The Police Department has a press conference scheduled at 12:30 p.m.

"I'm very pleased with the work that the men and women of Lansing Police Department have done over the course of the last year. We made tremendous strides," said Yankowski.

Among the announcements expected, police officers will shift to four, 10-hour shifts. In addition, the times those shifts start and end will change so that more officers are available during peak demand.

The department is also adding officers who are dedicated to neighborhoods that are known as crime hot spots.

The Chief will also lay out new information about the Capital Area Violent Crime Initiative (VCI)-- a data driven deployment of resources to help enforce the law as well as reduce crime through pro-active policing.

Coming up on WILX News Ten at 6 p.m. what these announcements mean for crime, how they will change the police presence around the city, and why they are being announced now.

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