Lansing Police Move In Day

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Lansing Police finally moved into their new home Friday, after months of packing and cleaning.

The force will now be housed at the Hill Community Center on the South side of Lansing.

The move will be a money saver.

The department's lease is up at the North Precinct at the end of August, so switching to the city-owned hill center frees up tax dollars for other uses.

Investigations, crime scene and patrol units will be based at the new center.

It's hard to say if the crime rate in South Lansing will go down because officers are generally dispatched from their cars all over the city.

But Chief Yankowski says the extra space in the new facility will take some stress off of the job.

"The men and women of the Lansing Police Department really need that extra space to make it more operational," Yankowski said. "So they have a good work environment to make sure the city remains safe."

Yankowski says the new facility allows room for training and new technology that the North Precinct location didn't.

"It's all about pooling together our resources and maximizing our efficiency under a cost neutral plan," Yankowski said.

Safety and security, all community members say they could ask for in a new neighbor.