Lansing Police Investigate Homicide at Oak Park Village

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Lansing Police are investigating the death of Timothy Taylor. The 47 year-old was found inside an apartment at Oak Park Village in South Lansing after police received reports of a fight inside the residence.

"It's definitely unsettling. You don't expect something like this right here," said Laura Maglio a neighbor. "There has never been anything like this."

Maglio has lived at Oak Park Village for two and a half years. She said the couple who lived in number 609 moved there last summer, and were good neighbors.

"They were just a pretty quite family. Friendly--they would say hello, but they pretty much kept to themselves," said Maglio.

Two people have been brought into police custody for questioning, but no arrests have been made.

"These persons are still being interviewed at this point and we still have some questions we need answered," said Captain Daryl Green of the Lansing Police Department.

Neighbors said young children visit the couple every so often, but they don't know how or if the kids are related to the couple.

Neighbors also said had they not seen the police this morning, they never would have known anything happened last night.

"We didn't hear any sirens, any screaming, any arguing. Nothing," said Tashira Rhoades, a neighbor.

"I did not hear anything, said Maglio. "These windows are pretty thin and usually if there is an argument outside, especially in the night, you can hear it, and I didn't hear anything."

But at 1:56 Wednesday morning, officers responded to reports of a fight inside the apartment.

"We are not releasing how this person was killed at this point," said Green.

Lansing Police are investigating the death as a homicide. It's the third in Lansing this year. That's about all police are saying.

"At this point in the investigation we still have a lot of work to do. We are not releasing any further information that might complicate the matter for prosecution," said Green.

Lansing Police expect to make an arrest in this case soon.

"Just send your prayers in regards to the family and friends," said Rhoades.

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