Lansing Neighborhood Living In Fear After Several Break-Ins

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Many people in a Lansing neighborhood are living in fear.

Thieves are hitting homes in the Moores Park area, putting folks on edge and wanting some extra police protection.

Jenny Howland works as airport security, but she doesn't feel secure in her own home

"They just took everything," Howland said through tears.

Her Moores Park home was broken into last week in broad daylight. The thieves came through her son's window while the family was out, and got away with $11,000 worth of items - even early Christmas presents.

"My kids' rooms were completely ransacked," Howland said. "They took our TVs, they took our video games, they took my grandma's jewelry. I can't sleep, my kids can't sleep. They toss and turn."

Thieves are hiding in thick bushes in backyards and alley ways throughout Moores Park. The Lansing Police Department said there have been five similiar break-ins in the last month.

"We'll re-deploy some of our resources, and they can be on an undercover mode, they can be on a bicycle, they can be on foot, they can be in a patrol car," Lansing Police Chief Yankowski said. "We're going to go in there and identify those that are responsible for those crimes."

Chief Yankowski said extra patrols are already in the area, and the department is analyzing the data from the break-ins. Still some neighbors have been frustrated with a slow police response, and are doing something about it

"Every neighborhood should get involved in starting a neighborhood watch," Moores Park Neighborhood Association President Paul Johns said. "On their block, meet your neighbors. Go door to door."

Some people have installed extra security - including Howland and her kids, who are now sleeping with a baseball bat.

"They're all just scared," Howland said. "They're scared to be in their own home."

The Moores Park Neighborhood Association is working closely with the LPD and the city.

The community is planning to clean up the alleys this weekend, so it's easier for police to patrol.

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