Lansing Mayor Wants $3.3 Million for Road Repairs

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Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero will include $3.3 million for road and sidewalk repairs when he presents his budget proposal to the city council Monday. He told $1.8 million will come from a millage passed by voters last year. As for where the remaining $1.5 million will come from, all he would say Friday night is, "we sharpened our pencils and of course the details will be in the budget, but you're going to see an emphasis on infrastructure which backs up the key things that we do."

The Mayor wants to focus the repairs on six miles worth neighborhood streets because the major roads are eligible for state funding. He considers roads his second priority after public safety because "it affects quality of life."

Lansing is facing a $9 million deficit and the Financial Health Team report released last week recommends spending $3 million on pension and health care costs, information technology improvements and the city's reserves. With the road spending, the city would have to cut spending in other areas by $13.5 million to meet those goals.

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