Lansing Mayor Asks State for More Road Funding

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Whether it's a main road, or a simple side street, if Lansing drivers aren't careful, they could end up hitting a pothole.

"It's hard to dodge them because if you dodge the potholes, you're going to end up in an accident," said Earleen Baze, who drives through Lansing frequently.

With the spring thaw on its way, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is well aware of the problems. He's already set aside $3 million to take care of it, this year, but he says it's not enough.

"The cost to build new roads with curb and gutter is about $1 million per mile," he said.

Now, the mayor is looking to the state for the rest.

"The money we've been getting from the state, from the Gas Tax, has been dwindling. You've got a surplus. Put it into our roads," he said. "We need help. Cities across the state...this affects our daily quality of life, it affects economic development."

Rep. Andy Schor, (D-Lansing), understands the mayor's concern and he's ready to support putting some of the state's extra money towards roads.

"With surplus dollars, we can fill some of the holes," said Rep. Schor. "We can send money to our locals, we can make sure that our roads are taken care of."

But, he says it could come down to either MDOT or local governments getting the money. If that happens, both Rep. Schor and Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) agree where it should go. To local governments.

"I want more money to go to local road commissions, so we can get the local roads fixed," said Sen. Jones.

Mayor Bernero says fixing all of Lansing's roads would cost roughly $15 million per year, for the next ten years.

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