Lansing May Privatize Busing

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For some families, busing is the only way kids can get to and from school. It's also expensive. The Lansing School District is spending about $5 million this school year on general education busing. District administrators are thinking about changing that.

"We need to be able to use those limited resources for student instruction, so we're looking at lots of different areas to see if we can make cost savings," said Sam Sinicropi, Lansing School District Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

They're considering outsourcing the general education transportation services. With a vote from the school board, Lansing School District is now a part of the Ingham Intermediate School District Transportation Consortium. That gives them the option to use the group's contractor - Dean Transportation.

Even with potential cost savings, some parents are reluctant to go down that route.

"We need to make sure that we're not spiting ourselves by costing others a job when they take good care of our kids that are already on the buses now," said Lansing parent Debora Dawsey.

According to the Ingham ISD, the group not only offers competitive pricing, but also provides flexibility, which is an attractive option for some.

"I think Dean would be able to do a very good job and be able to meet the needs which are constantly changing right now," said Lansing parent Tyson Cowles.

For now, nothing is set in stone. The district will look into the cost with a deadline to decide by February 1, 2013.

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