Lansing Marathon Looking for Public Help With Security

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LANSING (WILX)-- The Lansing Marathon isn't taking any chances with Sunday's race after the tragic events in Boston. Security has been doubled to include the Michigan State Police, bomb sniffing dogs, and explosive searches. But there are ways the public can help too.

What happened in Boston will change future races forever. The Lansing marathon will be the first put to the test.

"We're the first marathon after Boston. Yeah, we're scared but I'm not going to let anybody hurt my volunteers," said Lansing Marathon Coordinator Julie Powers.

In light of the Boston Marathon, those planning the Lansing Race are now in desperate need for more course marshals.

"A course marshal is someone who directs traffic. They are placed at every intersection. They cheer on the runners while also making sure nobody crosses the path," said Powers.

This year marshals will serve as extra security for the race.

"We need 20 to 30 more marshals. We will have to place several marshals in a row with a law enforcement officer in between. It's a stagger step," said Powers.

Mayor Virg Bernero is asking that everyone planning to attend to keep their eyes out as well.

"We need the public's help. Boston was a reminder that it's not strictly about the numbers and smart strategy. I'm not saying they did anything wrong. These are difficult times, and who knows what kind of tricks people may try to employ," said Bernero.

One of the area's that will likely have some of the highest security for the race will be outside the Lansing Center. That's where the finish line will be.

"We are making sure we have all of our protocols right so in the event of something small or big we are fully prepared," said Powers.

The marathon will be on Sunday starting at 8am. It's predicted runners will start crossing the finish line around 9am.

"I believe in my town, the people here and I know we will rise to the challenge," said Powers.

All volunteers will go through training to make sure they are ready for the big day.

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