Lansing Marathon Finalizes Plans For New Route

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It's another bitter cold day in Mid-Michigan, and while the thought of getting out and running may not sound ideal to many, some local runners are pounding the pavement, preparing for the Lansing Marathon. And this year, there will be a new route. WILX Amanda Malkowski met up with the race director who told me they hope the new course will inspire out-of-town runners to explore the Capitol City after the big race.

It's not exactly ideal running weather, but Karenn Vernagus is out pounding the pavement, training for the Lansing Marathon.

"As May fourth gets closer I'll be doing longer and longer runs, and the weather will be getting better," said Karenn Vernagus, a Runner.

She's the only runner out in Old Town this chilly morning, but come May, thousands of runners will flood these streets, making their way along the marathon's new route.

"For this year we really wanted to involve the city more and make it a community event and get more people involved, so we wanted to feature the really cool things about Lansing in our course," said Owen Anderson, Race Director.

Old Town is just one of the neighborhoods the new route will highlight. I hit the road to check out some of the others, like Lansing's East Side.

Runners will head down Kalamazoo passing the Allen Neighborhood Center. Then they'll head through Reo Town, sprinting past the new BWL facility. And for the first time they'll wrap up downtown, running down Washington Avenue and turning on to Michigan. The race commission hopes to sign up 3000 runners this year.

"We want it to become a major marathon race- the kind of race you come to from all over the country, all over the world in fact," said Anderson.

And they want runners to not only take home medals, but also memories of a pretty cool city.

"I've been running for a long time, and in the past I've gone to Detroit, Cleveland, places like that, so I hope people will come here to Lansing and run," said Vernagus.

The race will take place on May 4th. You can still register to run.