Lansing Marathon Looking to Boost Support

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Everyone has a different reason for running a marathon.

"I try to get in as many as I can," said Robert Pauline, who is running in his fifth marathon. "Lansing seemed like a good place to do one."

For others like Aliza Weiss it's about the sense of community.

"I go to school at Michigan State and I wanted to support Lansing,"Weiss said.

One thing many runners agree helps them through each of the 26.2 miles, are the cheers from family and friends.

"It's nice to be able to come down and support the hometown marathon and see a bunch of other people running from the area as well," said David Dehaene who came to cheer on his wife.

It's that same support that Race Director Owen Anderson says the Lansing Marathon is all about.

"People feel a bond with each other associated with the event," Anderson said.

This year not enough people came together, with the number of sign-ups staying about the same as last year.

"We're not quite at the breakeven point yet, we expect to be there in 2015," Anderson added. "With growth and additional sponsorships we'll be in good shape."

Organizers say they have 41 sponsors, a number they hope to see climb up in future years.

"It means we're being embraced by the business community which is so important," Anderson shared.

One way organizers are trying to grow the event is by involving more of the Lansing community. They changed the race course to highlight some of Lansing's distinct neighborhoods such as the Stadium district and Old Town.

Anderson says he isn't concerned about the event's future.

"We're tenacious, we're stubborn, we love what we're doing," Anderson said.

Something they'll be able to keep up if more runners choose to cross the finish line.

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