Lansing Man Charged for Not Showing I.D. to Police

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"Get over it and get back to work fighting real crime," said David Riddle.

Riddle is taking up a fight with Lansing police and the city attorney's office and he's not holding back when it comes to voicing his criticisms. The trouble started the night of February 15th.

"I just wanted some quiet time, and came out to sit in my car."

He says he was sitting in his car in his driveway when a police officer walked up and demanded to see his I.D.

"I pretty much ignored him and asked him if it was a slow crime day," Riddle said.

Riddle refused to show his I.D. The officer eventually left, but that's not the end of story. 10 days later, Riddle received a warrant for his arrest. He's been charged with a misdemeanor of resisting an officer. From there, he pled not guilty, went to the pre-trial hearing this week and now he's waiting for a jury trial.

"I didnt' do anything wrong, I was sitting at home in my own drive way, minding my own business," Riddle said.

When do you have to show your I.D.? The answer can be complicated. We spoke to some attorneys to get opinions. Some say you don't have an obligation to respond if there's nothing going on and you're simply sitting in a non-moving car. Others say you should always identify yourself at the request of an officer. However, the consensus is police have a right to investigate should they have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

Riddle says a similar charge was filed against him about five years ago. That time, he pled guilty but this time, he says he'll fight it to the end.

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