Lansing Firefighters urging CO detectors after 4 Michigan Deaths

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LANSING (WILX) - Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Local firefighters hope the answer is yes and if not, buying one should be on your to-do list this weekend.

They're urging people to protect themselves from carbon monoxide after four people in Michigan were killed by the odorless gas just this week.

Lansing homeowner Patricia Devlin has a carbon monoxide detector, but it doesn't work well when the batteries are dead.

"I have a machine and I was worried it wasn't working correctly," said Devlin.

Local mechanics say they find carbon monoxide leaks almost daily. For Patricia she got new batteries put in her detector and had it mounted right next to her furnace for the best results.

"A lot (of detectors) are misplaced, you want to put it low," said Lansing Firefighter Charles Stazt.

"I feel more comfortable now that I had someone do it for me," said Devlin.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and a leak in a home tends to be associated with the furnace's heat exchanger says Stazt.

"With a leak people might feel sick, light headed, or have nausia," said Stazt.

But don't rely only on your detector says A-1 mechanics consultant Bob Effs.

"You need to have a tune up or your heat exchanger checked, thats best answer," said Effs

If you're looking for a carbon monoxide detector for your home, you can find one at any local hardware store. Prices range from $15 to $100 dollars.

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