Firefighters Train for High Angle Rescues

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Firefighters are used to pressure on the job, but when you're hanging from a rope above the city trying to rescue someone, that pressure can rise to a much higher level.

"Not that many people have the training to do this kind of rescue," said Charles Stadt, a Public Information Officer with the Lansing Fire Department. "So we're very fortunate and lucky to have our guys trained to this level."

Firefighters say training exercises like today's rope rescue on top of a construction crane, help them get ready for any call that might come in.

"In an emergency situation they're going to be more prepared to work quicker and faster to hopefully get someone rescued," Stadt added.

Working on a crane that's 256 ft tall, fear of heights is something firefighters say you have to get over pretty quickly.

"You have a task in front of you and you're more concerned about the task on hand, but you're still scared going over the edge," said Lansing Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Marczynski.

As more construction goes up around the city, so does the possibility of an accident like the one firefighters are practicing for today. But these exercises will also help firefighters prepare for other rescues.

"It could be anybody in any situation," said Lansing Firefighter and Paramedic Hendry Villegas. "You could fall in a hole you don't have to be 200ft above the ground to need us sometimes."

But for those who might, this team of specialized firefighters is ready.

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