Lansing Fire Says No Threat From Oil in River

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The reported oil leak in the Grand River in Old Town will have no impact on the environment and nothing more will be done about it, said Steve Babcock of the Lansing Fire Department.

He confirmed reports of oil in the river and says there was a HAZMAT team there yesterday investigating.

The cause, he says, is cars that leak oil. Normally that oil sits on the streets, but when it rains, it gets washed into storm sewers. The storm sewers just upstream of the Brenske Fish Ladder lead to the river, which resulted in the sheen.

Steve Serkaian of the Board of Water and Light says that BWL is not the source of the oil.

On Monday however, BWL will look at the boom that has been placed in the river to absorb the leaking oil and determine if it needs to be replaced.

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