Lansing Facing $11 Million Budget Gap

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Lansing mayor Virg Bernero is warning that the city is facing an $11 million budget shortfall in the Fiscal Year 2014 general fund that begins next July.

Bernero says the shortfall is being caused by an expected $3 million decline in general fund revenues, from nearly $112 million currently to $109 million. And while the city is taking in less, the the cost of providing the same level of city services is projected to increase by $8 million.

The mayor says budget cuts or "revenue enhancements", or a combination of the two, will be necessary to balance the city's budget.

"Everything is on the table," said Mayor Bernero, Friday.

A formal budget recommendation isn't due until next March, but Mayor Bernero says he wanted to reveal the magnitude of the budget gap as early as possible.

We'll have more on Friday's announcement on News 10 at 6.

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