UPDATE: Lansing Detention Officer Suspended After Assault Investigation

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A Lansing detention officer turned himself in Friday to face charges of assault and battery of an inmate.

54-year-old David Gladstone has been placed on paid administrative leave indefinitely while the investigation continues.

"It's a very sad day here at the Lansing Police Department," Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski said.

Gladstone is a 20-year department veteran accused of assaulting an inmate, and was arraigned on one misdemeanor count of assault and battery in district court. Police aren't offering details on the assault.

"It's unfortunate this incident took place, very troubled by the arrest of Detention Office David Gladstone," Szymanski said.

The charges stem from a March 8 complaint against Gladstone. After a two-week-long criminal investigation by Michigan State Police, they handed the case over to the Ingham County Prosecutor who issued a misdemeanor warrant.

"All complaints here at the Lansing Police Department are taken seriously, and if they are complaints that involve potential criminal misconduct, by our policy and procedures, they're referred to the Michigan State Police," Szymanski said.

The chief said the other detention officers and the rest of the department is taking the news pretty hard.

"You don't expect that, I mean, you certainly hope that as the chief of police you never ever have to deal with a discipline problem or an employee issue, but it happens, and we'll deal with it, and we'll get through it," Szymanski said.

LPD's Internal Affairs Unit will begin its investigation after Gladstone's criminal proceedings are finished to determine if he acted outside the policies and procedures of the department. Penalties range from counseling to termination.

"Individuals are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, and we have the same philosophy here," Szymanski said. "Let the process take place, and we'll see what happens."

She said they won't be hiring another detention officer during Gladstone's absence.

A preliminary hearing has been set for April 8.

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