Lansing Derby Vixens Announce Plans For Junior Team

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One of Lansing's roller derby teams is giving local kids a chance to check out the fast-growing sport.

The Derby Vixens are starting a junior program, for 8 to 17-year-olds after a surge in junior participation over the last several years.

“There are so many reasons why this is such a great opportunity,” says Vixens President Teresa Zwemer. “Just like young people learning to play soccer or baseball, junior roller derby skaters are the future of our sport. Many of these skaters have as much experience as most adult derby skaters. When they finally turn 18 and can play on adult teams, they’re going to be way ahead of the curve.”

The program will have an emphasis on sportsmanship and safety. It will also help the skaters build their confidence and stay in shape.

“For us, the off-the-track benefits of roller derby are just as important as what happens on the track,” says Zwemer. “Training the best junior roller derby skaters in the state means building skaters who believe in themselves and their teammates, and who recognize the value of kindness, integrity and respect for others.”

To learn more on how to sign up, click the link within this article.

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