Lansing Curling Club Brings Unique Sport to Mid-Michigan

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Stones? Brooms? The house? The hog line and back line? We watch curling every four years during the winter Olympics, but most of us have no idea what these things are, or what the heck these people people are doing. I wanted to know more, so I joined a group of Olympic watchers as clueless as i am about the sport.

"I expect it to be a lot like bowling, and that I won't be good at that. I hope I just don't fall over and hurt myself," said Brent Utter.

We wanted to find out how it works from someone who knows-the man who brought curling to Lansing, Mark Mcelwee.

"It's a lifetime sport. You can play from time time you're nine to your ninety. Any athletic ability, any physical limitation you have... we've got a fix for that." said Mark McElwee, Founder of Lansing Curling Club

That's what attracted young and old to the Lansing Curling Club, which started after the 2010 olympics. It's been a big success. The group is even hosting the 2014 Arena Curling Championship.

"It'll be exciting just to have people from all over the country come and compete and get to know more curlers," said Cori McElwee.

But before my friends and I could become curling champions, we first had to get used to the ice and the "throwing position." Then we practiced sliding on the ice while holding two stones, and finally throwing just one like you would in a real game.

Members of the Lansing Curling Club say it's pretty easy to pick up, and they want to clear up a few misconceptions about the sport.

"That you wear skates... that you have to push it really, really hard to get the rock all the way down the ice... that sweeping makes the rock go faster," said Mark.

Curlers actually sweep the to make it move smoothly, not necessarily quickly. The ultimate goal- getting the stone as close as possible to the center of the house or bulls-eye.

Or if you're a beginner like me...the goal may just be staying upright.

If you're interested in learning how to curl the club is hosting a free event this Sunday from 2:30-4:30 at The Summit.