Lansing City Council to Pay Tribute to Amaia Edmond, Other Victims of Violence

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More than two years after the death of Amaia Edmond, her father, John, says he still has days where he struggles with the reality of losing his daughter.

"You'll never get over the loss of your child," said Edmond. "No matter how old you are of how much time goes by, it's a part of you."

Seven-year-old Amaia was accidentally shot and killed by her stepfather back in July of 2010. Since then, John Edmond has worked to make others aware of the violence that killed his daughter.

"I've been putting on marches and speaking at different places," said Edmond. "I had an opportunity to meet with Jessica Yorko in April of this year and we discussed putting together a resolution."

On Monday, Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko will present a resolution at Monday's City Council meeting as a tribute to Amaia Edmond and other innocent victims of violence.

"I feel we have a responsibility to try and come together and understand that people who died from acts of violence, it is not their fault," said Yorko. "I hope to instill that understanding and awareness."

An awareness that families all over have lost loved ones in a similar way. Edmond says, he has reached out to many of them.

"Just to call them and tell them 'hello' and let them know what I'm doing," said Edmond. "Let them feel like they are a part because they do have a voice."

The fact that Edmond has used his grief to reach out to others is something Yorko says she admires.

"He has used the energy he has to go out into the community and tell people we need everyone involved in violence prevention," said Yorko.

The meeting begins Monday at 7 p.m.

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