Lansing City Council Votes to Welcome Child Immigrants

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The Lansing city council voted unanimously Monday night to welcome child immigrants who've crossed the border from Central American countries. Thousands of kids are being held at processing centers in the southwestern United States after fleeing their home countries because of violence. The group Action Greater Lansing came up with the idea, which has raised emotions on both sides of the argument. "Why wouldn't we open our arms to people who are suffering and coming across the border?" said Ann Francis. "There's no reason for this, it won't cost the city anything and these people are in grave danger." While the vote was unanimous, the city's opinion is not. Opponents don't think the city should be endorsing illegal immigration and say the U.S. has enough problems of its own. "I sympathize with the people that they don't have a great economy, they're trying to get away from drugs, prostitution and so on and so forth but we have it here in America," said Russell Terry. The resolution doesn't carry any legal weight. It's a show of support and will not result in any children being brought to Lansing.

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