Lansing Board of Water & Light Unveils New Mobile App

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The Lansing Board of Water and Light today unveiled a new app for smartphones. It says it will keep customers in the loop with instant information when it comes to outages. The b-w-l is one of the first utilities in the country to use it.

Reporting a power outage via your home computer doesn't really help much if you've lost power at home. A new app available today is changing that.

"There is no doubt about it since the outage we have heard from customers, and our customers tell us they want to be able to get a hold of us they want information"

The new free app does just that - now from your smart phone you can report an outage, get information current outages, and find out how long an outage may be - all in the palm of your hand

" Many customers have these Smart phones in their pockets they will be able to bring their phones out open them up open up the app are they out or are they not out when will they be restored it will also allow them to report the outage"

"We did a survey of many of the utilities across the country and we've learned that not very many have these apps but now we have one"
The BWL says this is just the latest in a series of improvements since last year’s outage

"What we have been doing is working very hard to make this an different utility than it was before the outage and we have made a lot of improvements we've made over 100 improvements since Dec 22nd "

The BWL says the new app is yet another way of keep people in the loop when they are left in the dark the Board of Water and Light also told us today it plans to announce yet another way for customers to stay in touch in the coming months.