New Legislation Could End Landline Phone Use In Michigan

Landline phones could be a thing of the past if new legislation is proposed at the state capitol passes.

It wouldn't take effect until 2017 and phone companies would have to give customers 90 days notice that they're discontinuing service.

Phone companies like AT&T support the legislation because they say it's just too expensive to maintain a mobile and landline network now that there are so few landline customers.

The number of people using landlines in the state of Michigan dropped from 6.7 million in 2000 to 2.6 million in 20-12. Mean while the number of wireless customers increased by nearly 3 million.

Senator Mike Nofs sponsored the bill and argues that the money it costs to maintain landlines would be better spent investing in new technologies.

The aarp and The Michigan Public Service Commission are against the bill, as well as Attorney General Bill Schuette.

They say it would hurt senior citizens and people in rural areas where cell phone coverage is poor.

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