LCC Student Dies On Spring Break Vacation

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A Lansing Community College student died in Panama City Beach, Florida, in what appears to be a case of spring break alcohol poisoning.

20-year-old Kyle Lamb of Potterville, Mich., was on vacation with his friends, when they found him unresponsive Wednesday night.

They were camping at a popular site for spring breakers, and Panama City Beach Chief of Police said they believe alcohol was a factor. They won't know for sure until a toxicology report is finished.

Chief Drew Whitman said Lamb's friends called 9-1-1 and did the best they could.

"They went out to the beach, and he wasn't in the shape where he could go out with them," Whitman said. "They came back and checked on him a few times, sounds like his friends really cared about him because they were checking on him constantly making sure he was taken care of."

When they came back to the campsite around 8:30 p.m., Lamb wasn't breathing. They called 9-1-1, and paramedics performed CPR, but Lamb died at the hospital around 1:00 a.m.

"It's a tragic event, and my sympathies go out to the family and friends of Mr. Lamb," Whitman said.

Those family and friends are right here in Mid-Michigan. Lamb worked at Meijer in Grand Ledge and graduated from Potterville High School just two years ago. The close-knit community is in shock.

"A lot of tears, it's been tough on a lot of staff members," Potterville High School Principal Julie Klomp said. "A lot of the teachers were close with Kyle."

One of those teachers is Dan Brunk. He was Lamb's track and cross country coach, who said he might not have been their top runner, but he played a critical role in leading his team to three state championships.

"It was just his presence," Brunk said. "Just him being part of whatever we were doing gave everybody else so much confidence. He's big and gentle, and kind of a dad to everybody it seemed like."

Lamb was even a "dad" to Brunk's own children. When Brunk's son was diagnosed with cancer, it was Lamb's idea for the team to shave their heads.

"We got everyone out in the front lawn right there, and Kyle was right there getting his head shaved," Brunk said.

He said that was a pretty big deal for a guy known for his locks and love for soaking up the sun with his friends.

"We're just really going to miss this kid," Brunk said. "He's such a big part of this school family and our family here in Potterville. When this really sets in for all of us, it's going to be a tough thing for all of us to deal with."

Brunk spoke with Kyle's mother Thursday morning. He said she's a "tough woman" and will get her family through this. Lamb's mother is in Florida now, while his younger sister is a junior at Potterville High School.

The school plans to have counselors available for students and staff.

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