LAPD on Manhunt For Ex-Cop Suspected in Deadly Shooting

Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner is seen in this image provided by the Irvine, Calif., Police Department via The Orange County Register. (Credit: AP Photo/Irvine Police Department via The Orange County Register)
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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Los Angeles police are on tactical alert as they search for an ex-officer suspected of twice opening fire on officers after being named as a double-murder suspect.
Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith says the department has taken such protective measures as reassigning motorcycle officers to cars.
Fired officer Christopher Dorner is suspected of killing a Riverside officer and wounding another early Thursday, shortly after shooting at two LAPD officers in the nearby city of Corona. One LAPD officer was grazed.
Los Angeles police chief says fugitive ex-cop has multiple weapons including an assault rifle.
The manhunt began after Dorner was named as a suspect in the weekend killing of a couple. One victim was the daughter of a former police captain who represented him during disciplinary proceedings that led to his firing.
Dorner wrote a manifesto pledging to bring "warfare" to the LAPD.

UPDATE - 2:00 PM

Here are some key events involving Christopher Dorner, the fired Los Angeles police officer suspected of killing at least three people including a police officer in Southern California and posting a manifesto on Facebook outlining plans to kill the families of those he felt wronged him:
-- Sunday, Feb. 3: Monica Quan, 28, and Keith Lawrence, 27, are found shot to death in their car at an Irvine, Calif. parking structure. Quan, an assistant women's basketball coach at California State University, Fullerton, was the daughter of a former Los Angeles police captain who represented Dorner in disciplinary hearings that resulted in his dismissal.
-- Monday, Feb. 4: Some of Dorner's belongings are found in a trash bin in the San Diego-area community of National City, Calif.
-- Wednesday, Feb. 6: Irvine police announce they are looking for Dorner as a suspect in the killings of Quan and Lawrence. They describe him as armed and dangerous. Police say he implicated himself in the killings in a manifesto posted on Facebook. At about 10:30 p.m., a man matching Dorner's description tries to steal a 47-foot boat from a San Diego marina but the engine won't start. An 81-year-old man on the boat is tied up but not hurt.
-- Thursday, Feb. 7: At around 1:30 a.m. in the Riverside County community of Corona, Calif., two LAPD officers assigned to protect a person named in the manifesto chase a vehicle they believe is Dorner's. During a shootout, one officer is grazed in the forehead. The gunman flees. A short time later, a gunman believed to be Dorner ambushes two Riverside police officers who had stopped at a red light during a routine patrol. One officer is killed and the other critically injured.
-- Around 2:30 a.m., a passer-by finds a wallet with law enforcement badge and a picture ID of Dorner on a street near San Diego International Airport.
-- Three hours later, LAPD officers guarding a manifesto target in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance, Calif., open fire on a truck they mistakenly believe to be Dorner's. Two women are wounded. A short time later, Torrance police are involved in a second shooting involving a different truck they also mistake for Dorner's. Nobody is hurt.

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