Judge Spots His Stolen Bicycle, Follows Suspect Until Arrest

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Lansing (WILX) Call it street justice. A trio of Lansing judges Thursday were responsible for the arrest of a couple of young theft suspects. And the evidence was the property of one of the judges.

54-A District Court Judge Frank DeLuca's bicycle was stolen from in front of his house Monday evening. He had taken a break from his ride to authorize a search warrant for the Lansing Police Department. When he went back outside the bicycle was gone.

Thursday he was driving down Michigan Avenue with fellow judges Patrick Cherry and Charles Felice on their way to lunch.

Judge DeLuca spotted his bike being ridden by a juvenile along the sidewalk with another young bike rider.

Judge Patrick Cherry says they immediately contacted 911 and continued to follow the two bike riders until three police cruisers converged on them.

The second bike had also been reported stolen, so both juveniles were taken into custody.

Lansing Police Public Information Officer Robert Merritt says the department doesn't recommend civilians confront suspects, but in this case it was "well done and kudos to the judge."

Judge DeLuca was allowed to take his bicycle home.

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