Man Pleads Not Guilty in Soccer Ref Killing

The man accused of fatally punching a soccer referee was arraigned on a second-degree murder charge Thursday. Prosecutors say Baseel Adbul-Amir Saad attacked John Bienewicz when he was ejected from a 30-and-over game in June. The charge was upped from assault to murder after Bienewicz died. Saad struggled with tears as the judge explained.

"At the same date and same location that you did with intent to kill or do great bodily harm or to act in a wanton and willful disregard at the likelihood that the natural tendency of the act would cause death or bodily harm, kill and murder John Bieniewicz that act committed without premeditation or deliberations contrary to MCR75.317, do you understand the charge, sir?"

A not-guilty plea was entered for Saad in court. He is being held on a one-million dollar bond. A funeral for Bienewicz was held Thursday in Redford.

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