Jason Goes Chillin' For Charity

Jason Colthorp Chillin' For Charity

This "Chillin' For Charity" thing is catching on and since I was challenged a few weeks ago by Suzy Merchant and the women's basketball team-- here you go-- an ice cold water bath today all in the name of raising money to fight cancer.

Sports guys Dave "Mad Dog" DeMarco and Fred Heuman were alongside. I showed up to the event a tad late-- because it was my daughter's birthday-- and that is apparently why I got three buckets dumped on me total.

"The penalty was the best one, (because) you know you can't be late," said MSU Women's Basketball Coach Suzy Merchant. "In basketball, if you're late you have issues and you have consequences."

"So I'm glad to see that you got the second (and third) bucket of water... and took it like a man by the way."

That, I'll agree with.

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