Jackson City Budget Approved, Calls for Layoffs

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Jackson City Council members approved the city budget, which calls for public safety spending cuts.
The new spending plan eliminates a firefighter and police officer position.
Administrative positions in those two departments will be cut, as well as a canine unit. This totals about $300,00 in cuts to public safety.
The Jackson city manager doesn't think the layoffs to the firefighter and police officer will actually happen.
The new spending plan also calls for health care concessions.
Union officials agreed to health care cuts that would save the city over $600,000 dollars a year, according to MLive.
City officials say because union officials didn't agree until concession until Tuesday morning, they didn't have time to revise the budget proposals before last night's meeting.
The proposal passed five to two without revision.
Councilwoman Arlene Robinson wasn't happy about all the cuts and voted against the new spending plan.
As it stands now, the Jackson budget adds about $300,000 into the city's rainy day fund.
It is likely that there will be amendments to the spending plan passed Tuesday night.
The new fiscal year begins on July 1, and a spending plan must be approved by June 1 under Michigan state law.

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