Jackson Woman Accused of Murdering Her Boyfriend Will Stand Trial

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JACKSON (WILX)-- Camia Gamet's face stayed blank as prosecutors accused her of beating and stabbing her former boyfriend, Marcel Hill, to death in May.

The Jackson woman had her preliminary hearing on Friday. Judge Mazur ruled that she will stand trial, accused of open murder.

"The victim suffered approximately 11 stab wounds to his body, all over his body. Some of the more significant were to the upper portion of his chest," said Jennifer Walker, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

With multiple injuries it's possible the victim was killed with several household items, and that's exactly what police found in the apartment.

"They found numerous weapons such as a broken lamp, knives and a frying pan," said Walker.

Police said the lamp had been ripped in half , and the frying pan had been bent from blunt force trauma. Both items, plus the steak knife, were found with blood on them.

Neighbor Marie Olmstead testified that she watched as Gamet and Hill fought in the kitchen the night of the murder.

"It woke me out of my sleep. I saw him cowering in the kitchen, hunched down. He was saying "don't hit me, don't hit me". She was throwing anything she could at him."

Gamet has a history of domestic violence against Hill. She was actually at the Jackson courthouse just a few weeks ago for supposedly hitting Hill on the head multiple times with a hammer. Hill refused to prosecute Gamet, so that case was dropped.

"Certainly if he had prosecuted, in this situation, we may have never been here," said Judge Mazur in closing statements.

But with the testimony piling up against her, Gamet's attorney says that there's no evidence yet linking her to the crime.

"I believe there is in-conclusive evidence as to who's blood was on what. Who's prints or blood was on the weapon?" said Anthony Raduazo, Defense Attorney.

Gamet will plead her case in front of a jury, if found guilty she could face life in prison.

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