VIDEO: Vandals Hit School And Playground In Jackson

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The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is trying to track down vandals caught on tape. The pair can be seen on surveillance video as they spray painted the outside of Parma Elementary School during the early morning hours of June 17.

Detectives believe the same people are responsible for spray painting similar messages on structures and play equipment at nearby Groner Park. Sheriff Steve Rand said, "Most of what we've seen is just silly paintings. Its absolutely senseless. Painting things having to do with the drug culture, eluding to some gang affiliation in some cases, and its just totally senseless."

Sheriff Rand says it will likely cost thousands of dollars to clean up the mess. "How do you get some of that graffiti off those structures and off that sidewalk? It encourages other graffiti too. Once you get something on a play structure or a building, it encourages other people to mark over it. It's real important that it get cleaned up right away."

Investigators don't know why the vandals chose to deface two places where children play. But they believe they are teenagers who live in the area. Sheriff Rand said, "We just want to take a real serious stance on this. If the public knows anything about this, please don't hesitate to give us a call."

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