Jackson Homeowners Could Get Tax Break

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It's budget season and people living in the City of Jackson could be getting some good news -- lower taxes.

"Something that's just unheard of these days," said Jackson Mayor Martin Griffin.

The city is expected to lower property taxes by 2/10 of one mill, which will be minor savings for most homeowners.

"It's just the fact that we're able to do it," Mayor Griffin said.

The city made some major changes last year to achieve the savings. It consolidated 15 departments itno eight. For example, one person runs both the City Treasurer and City Clerk's offices. Police Chief Matthew Heins is now the director of police and fire services.

"It's drastic some people may say, but it's working, we're not really having any negative feedback," said Mayor Griffin.

According to the mayor, this is becoming the new model of operation, doing more with less. He says there are not more layoffs, but the city is not replacing some people when they leave.

"There's always work somewhere else that can be done so we're working at having the right number of employees for the amount of work that needs to be done."

This year, part of the savings are being passed on to residents, though some say they're looking forward to a revitalization of the community and a boost in the value of their homes.

"I would rather pay taxes and see the value of my house stay up than some kind of a minor decrease in property taxes," said Jackson resident Schuiler Rogers.

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