Jackson County Election Results

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Voters in Jackson County approved two millage renewals but voted down a bond proposal for a new garage.

The Western School District asked voters to renew an 18.2993-mill operating millage and add on another half-mill for the next ten years. It passed with 65% of the vote (Yes: 619 No: 339). It will raise nearly $1.8 million dollars in the first year.

Voters in the Michigan Center School District approved the five-year renewal of a 19-mill operating millage that will raise almost $979,000 in the first year. It passed with 69% of the vote (Yes: 335 No: 149).

Voters in the Village of Brooklyn rejected a bond proposal that would have raised $750,000 for a new Department of Public Works garage by 14 votes (No: 104 Yes: 90).

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