Layoffs Announced at Jackson College

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Seven Jackson College faculty members will receive layoff notices today- a move that trustees say is difficult, but will save the college nearly a million dollars. The layoffs were unanimously approved by the board Monday. The President of Jackson College told the board the school is facing hard financial times. It's only billing 125,000 credit hours. That's down from 190,000 in 2010. The layoffs will impact faculty in many departments, from biology to German. The people laid off will have five days to notify the administration if they want to move into another position that they're qualified for. The faculty union was notified a few weeks ago that layoffs were being considered. About $2.8 million in budget cuts were approved by the Board of Trustees last fall, after a decline in enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year. 17 administrators and support staff were laid off then. Jackson College's president says more budget cuts are likely to come before the board in June.