Jackson Bank Robbery Suspect Captured While Other Sent to Trial

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The timing was impeccable. Darius Griffin was arrested around noon Tuesday after dodging police for a couple weeks. He was at a friend's house in Benton Harbor.

If he had been found any sooner, Roger Ozier's preliminary exam would have been delayed, so that the two would go before a judge at the same time. Instead, Ozier had to listen to emotional testimonies alone.

"I'm so nervous," said Tammy Walker, as she took the stand. She had been working as a teller at Aeroquip Credit Union in Blackman Township only month when she was robbed October 8. "He told me to give him large bills, and at that point I gave him the large bills that I had."

Police believe Ozier did the robbing, while Griffin waited in the car.

So far, Ozier is facing two charges for bank and armed robbery. Griffin is expected to have similar charges for this crime, but police say they could be facing even more.

"I believe, as well as other members of the Jackson County Major Crime Task Force believes, that Mr. Ozier is that bank robber at Comerica in the city of Jackson...and also responsible for committing a second crime at Jackson City County Credit Union," said Det/Sgt. Christopher Boulter of the Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Department.

But, the different police departments involved still need to compile what they've found before they hand these cases over to the court.

Police still don't believe that these two men are connected to the other two alleged bank robbers in the city who happened to be arrested the same day as Ozier.

The other two suspects, Kesean Wilson and Breanna Crawford, who are half-brother and sister, are due back in court of Halloween. They’re accused of robbing the Jackson City County Credit Union on October 10.

Ozier and Griffin are expected to go to trial together. We'll let you know when a date has been set.

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