Humane Society in Jackson Caring for 21 Abandoned Puppies

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The Cascades Humane Society in Jackson is taking care of an unprecedented number of puppies after they were abandoned by their owners.

The 21 puppies are from three different litters, all born within the last month. The shelter is hoping the community will help out. It's already spent nearly $6,000 on formula and medical care, and needs to find foster homes for the puppies as well.

Seven of the puppies are husky mix, born to an abandoned pregnant female just days after she arrived at the shelter. One of those puppies needed constant monitoring and special attention.

Another litter of Border-Collie mix puppies were undernourished and weak when they were brought in. They were sent to a foster home and are currently being nursed back to health. A third litter of puppies were abandoned in a Jackson-area home, brought in by someone who was caring for the mother while the dog's owner was ill. Most of those puppies are now in foster care.

"We welcome each little puppy into our care. The needs of these newborns are intensely greater than the needs of older puppies or dogs," says Lisa Bonney, Executive Director at Cascades. "Especially when you take into account that these pups need to be bottle fed special formula every three to four hours, need separate living accommodations from adult dogs to discourage disease, and need healthy puppy vaccinations. These pups will be with Cascades until they reach the age of eight weeks. This makes their stay almost three times longer than an adult animal."

Puppies will be available for adoption once they reach eight weeks of age, which will begin in early April. People interested in adopting these puppies, or any cat or dog from Cascades, needs to complete an adoption application which can be found on the organization's website, provide veterinarian records for any current pets, and pay an adoption fee. If you'd like to make a donation toward their care or any other animal at the shelter, call (517) 787-7387. You can also donate online or by stopping by CHS at 1515 Carmen Drive, Jackson. Click the link within this article for the CHS website.

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