Severe Storm Damage Keeps Clean Up Crews Busy

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Jackson and Calhoun counties were among the hardest hit by Monday night's storms. Almost 30,000 people have gotten their power back on after last night's storms, 46,000 are in the dark this evening.

"All of a sudden you heard this roaring coming just like a train was coming at us," said Bill Tyler, who lives in Jackson County.

Trampolines tossed onto the street and downed powers lines were left behind after Monday night's storm ripped through Tyler's neighborhood.

"Headed towards the basement then the power went out and things started hitting the house," he recalled.

When Tyler came upstairs he saw trees uprooted in front of his house, with one coming to rest on top of this car.

Down the street his neighbor's yard was in similar disrepair.

"I heard a big crash and I looked out the window and all I could see was tree," said David Dewolfe, who had multiple tress knocked over in his yard.

Jackson county road crews were out early this morning clearing trees and limbs from the streets. Most roads are open with the exception of a few spots where they're waiting for consumers energy to fix downed power lines.

With more than 70,000 power outages reported, Consumers Energy says their crews will be working around the clock to restore it.

"We saw a lot of lightening damages, we saw a lot of damages caused by the wind. So the crews will have to rebuild the system will have to restring wire," said Terry DeDoes, a spokesman for Consumers.

Most customers should get their lights back Tuesday night but the power company says people in the hardest hit areas may be waiting a little longer

"May not see restoration till late Wednesday and of course additional wind activity and additional assessment may extend those," DeDoes added.

As for Tyler, he's just trying to make the best of it.

"We were talking about cutting more firewood, I guess I know where we'll find it," he said.

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