Izzo Plays Iron Man at MSU's Midnight Madness

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Anticipation was the name of the game, as Michigan State ushered in another season of Spartan basketball with Friday 's Midnight Madness event.

This year's Midnight Madness looked more like a midnight showing, a pep rally worthy of the big screen.

It began at the Breslin Center with women's coach Suzy Merchant dressed as Wonder Woman, escorting her supermen sons.

Then came flames, smoke and a flying film favorite Iron Man, zooming down on a zip line. Or in this case, Iron Mountain Man, the one and only coach Tom Izzo.

"Our video guys did an unbelievable job putting that together," Izzo said. "I learned to fly in one day, you know what kind of day is that?"

Fans were treated to a super-hero inspired film. It told of a Sparty kidnapping, Ann Arbor legion of doom and a trio of villans, three other Big Ten coachs.

The players also had some fun. The MSU women's team showed off their dancing skills, gagnum style.

After some festive introductions, emced by our own Jason Colthorp, the teams got down to basketball.

Izzo says the players were a bit tired, but everyone left the Breslin Center happy.

"I had a good time, I think they players had a good time and the people did and that's really all that matters," Izzo added. "It's going to be an exciting year."

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