Izzo Gets Off-The-Court Award

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, left, is congratulated by Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford following an NCAA college basketball game at the Old Spice Classic tournament in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Friday, Nov. 28, 2008. Michigan State won 94-79. (AP Photo/Reinhold Matay)

Tom Izzo is used to accolades, but this one comes off the court. He got the Lansing Rotary Club's "Community Service Award" award Friday for his help across Mid-Michigan.

Izzo talked about why it's so important to him.

"You can think of a lot of different honors you get, especially in the coaching profession," said Izzo. "But when you get one from your peers, and your peers that are people that see you every day-- they don't just see you on game night-- it's something I'm going to value."

The rotary club also gave $15,000 dollars to the "Loaves and Fishes Family Shelter," which helps the poor and homeless in the tri-county area.

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