It's the Hot Ticket on Campus: A Presidential Invitation

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Michigan State University will host President Obama on Friday, where he plans to sign the newly passed Farm Bill. The event will take place inside the McPhail Equine Performance Center at MSU’s Vet School.

Secret Service is on campus, and mum seems to be the word on who is invited to the private affair. MSU Veterinary Student Chelsea Render has a ticket. She has personal ties to the Farm Bill. She took an 18-month break from her studies to help lawmakers write the legislation. “It's kind of overwhelming you know, to look back and realize that I got to be a part of something so amazing, and then that I'm really getting to see it become law."

Doug Buhler is the Director of AgBioResearch at MSU. He will get to talk to the President during his visit. “The opportunity to have a very short conversation with the President to tell him about what we do and particularly all the hard work that all scientists here do to try to improve food production, protect the environment, those kinds of things is something that we're very proud of and we're really excited about giving him just a small snapshot of that work."

MSU Agriculture Professor David Schweikhardt says Michigan State University is an appropriate place for the President to sign the Farm Bill. “In a lot of ways, Michigan is a microcosm of all of the national issues that play out in the Farm Bill. We have a wider variety of crops than the rest of the states, we have a variety of environmental issues that involve the conservation programs."

Chelsea Render is excited to see the Farm Bill’s effects, when she becomes a veterinarian this spring. “I'll actually see this law, when it's implemented, become policy, and actually effect the farms that I’m working on every day, so that's even the next step and I think that's going to follow me for even longer."

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow played a huge role in the Farm Bill. She’s the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee and a graduate of MSU.