Israel Conflict: a Local Connection

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Many would shy away from traveling to Israel during this conflict, but some communities in the area are not afraid.

Rabbi Amy Bigman knows what it's like to live Israel.

"You learn first of all to always pay attention to what's going on."

She lived there during her rabbinical school. And despite the rising tension, she's going back.

She and 10 other people from her Shaarey Zedek congregation are planning to visit Jerusalem in late October. She hopes the conflict will have died down by then.

"If the trip was tomorrow, would I suggest that our congregation go? You know, probably not."

Travelers from the synagogue in East Lansing aren't the only ones concerned with the Israeli crisis. Two faculty members and nine students from MSU are studying right near the danger zone.

There are 2 faculty members and 9 students from MSU studying in Jerusalem right now, and the university says they are out of the danger zone.

Ben Chamberlain from MSU's international studies program says they're doing everything they can to keep students safe.

"We have our own security provider that we consult with," Chamberlain said. "We have strategies for shelter in place, or if we have to relocate the program we could do that within 24 hours."

Rabbi Bigman says for now she will wait, and pray for peace.

"We hope that there will be some kind of a good resolution for both sides soon and quickly, without the loss of life," Bigman said.